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Composite Deck Screws

We offer both composite deck screws and trim head stainless screws with multiple color options. Our color trim head stainless screws come in three lengths and are available in Torx drive. We have multiple colors available to help you match trim boards and composite deck boards. Our stainless color trim head screws also feature Type-17 (Auger) self-drilling points to help them drive in with ease. They also have nibs (notches) underneath the heads to help them countersink.

For an economical option we also offer composite deck screws in eight different colors to better match your composite deck boards. These screws feature a small head design, Torx drive and have reverse threads under the head. This helps pull down the composite board as the screw drives in to give you an easy finish. Our composite screws are also available in stainless steel.

For a more hidden look we also offer systems from Camo and Fastenmaster Cortex. Choose the system that’s best for your project. Feel free to contact us with any questions!